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About Us

RJR Herbal Hospital

The unmatchable legacy of RJR stands strong for 4 GENERATIONS till date for over 150+ years. Our branches are spread all over the southern states of India, whilst our roots are fixed in the very own land of the ancient siddhars. Our chief, Mr.S.R.Jeyadurai, begun his awe inspiring journey as the founder of RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL by following the footsteps of his ancestors. The spark for RJR was started first by our honourable chairman's great grandfather, whose life has a radical link to RJR's motto- "To Build The Healthy Society".

He was a native of TAMILNADU, who worked as a physician for the Sri Lankan royals, administrators, and noble families around early 1850's. The Royals and noble families of Sri Lanka were impressed with his diagnostic techniques and treatments and sought-after him for their medical needs.

Even when he was reaching great heights in the traditional medicine practice, he had the irresistible passion to help and heal the people in need around him. So, he started to treat patients in need with equally excellent medications for lowest charge or on the cuff. Still, his true desire was always to make the medical treatments and concoctions available for all the people of his homeland- both poor and rich equally.

So, he left Sri Lanka and came back to his hometown in Tamilnadu - Thoothukudi in late 1850's. From there, the history of RJR started as early as 1857-even before India's autonomy. After his arrival he made contacts with the other Royal physicians around his hometown. He learned about various medical treatments and techniques followed by the native healers for critical cases.

He understood that the roots of ancient siddha and ayurveda treatments runs deep and it deserved to be explored. He taught his children about all his hard learned rich experience in treating diseases as simple as a flu to as major as bone setting, rejuvenation, varmam, vaatham, infertility, pandemics, difficult-to-treat diseases, preparation of rare and higher order medicines and so many others through Gurukulam.

Many patients started to approach the family for relief from chronic illness. Our chief Mr.S.R. Jeyadurai's grandfather belonging to the SECOND GENERATION was a well known specialist in treating chronic-cold, cough, asthma, severe respiratory tract diseases and bone setting.

His bonesetting practice, Asthma treatments, varmam and vaatham and Arthritis treatment was especially well recognised by the localites. Gradually, people from the surrounding villages and towns started seeking him for his miraculous healing. He and his family even had a futuristic vision to start a medical camp in nearby towns back in 1900's. He strongly believed in a treatment that has the potential to treat, cure and prevent any further recurrence of the disease. He worked hard towards achieving his motto, "GET TREATED, GET CURED and GET FREEDOM FROM THE DISEASE".

During the THIRD GENERATION, our founder Mr.S.R. Jeyadurai's Uncle took up the position of leading the legacy of RJR. He took up challenging cases like Chronic Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Life-threatening Asthmatic conditions, Severe Arthritis, and severe Vaatham and Varmam cases, along with his family's well known tradition-Bone setting treatments. His family's medical campaigns became more expected and welcomed among the people allover Thoothukudi, Ramanadhapuram, Madurai, Trichy, Kanyakumari and it's surrounding towns. RJR's first ever hospital was built on people's trust. He taught his son-in-law our chief- Mr.S.R. Jeyadurai belonging to the FOURTH GENERATION, about all his lessons learnt throughout his long journey in treating his patients. Money was never the motto for their family. "TO HEAL AND HELP" was the only motto which kept him and his family working even harder to serve the people of their homeland.

Even though RJR faced many ups and downs throughout our chief's journey, his patients and family never let him loose hope in his belief - the treatment that could heal and cut-off the root cause, that leads to resurfacing of the disease. Many critical cases that were hopeless and foresaken by other physicians were brought to them. The family strongly trusted in God-the Good in people and treated them and produced great success even for untreatable diseases.

Following the footsteps of his ancestors, Mr. S.R.Jeyadurai has accepted the motto- "GET TREATED, GET CURED and GET FREEDOM FROM THE DISEASE" and founded the first ever standard base and standard name of the now majestic family - RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL in Chennai. He positively stirred the lives of many patients around him by healing and helping them directly untill 2008. Our chief Mr. S.R.Jeyadurai believed in his family legacy and started manufacturing our own medicines using the SUPERIOR QUALITY raw drugs that has the potential to eleminate the disease from the root cause. He strived to achieve the manufacturing of RJR's herbal medicines, that are scientifically perceived. Many patients and their families who knew RJR since early 1900's reached out to RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL set up in Chennai. To serve the people better and to put his ancestor's dream in motion, our chief- Mr.S.R.Jeyadurai started the branches of RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL across Tamil Nadu. Now, with his immeasurable support as the backbone, Mrs. Selvi Jeyadurai is leading our family-RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL- as our acting Managing Director.

Now, RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL has nearly 75+ branches across TAMILNADU, KARNATAKA, PONDICHERRY, ANDHRA PRADESH, TELENGANA to satisfy the needs of ever growing loyal patients of RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL. All the doctors of RJR are trained under the good hands of Dr. Ganapathy, MD(S), Principal(Retd.) Govt Siddha Medical college-Chennai, Joint Director(Retd.) Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy. Our doctors are regularly updated with more than 650+ hours of CME program per year and sharing the experience of treating challenging cases from 200+ senior doctors belonging to BSMS, BAMS, MD.

We have seen and walked along with the lives of several million people throughout our journey, by healing them and by taking part in their wellness. RJR stands proud and tall till date looking towards serving for the betterment of the people's lives driven by our passion to touch the lives of people around us and to make a difference to the society that we live in. So, standardization of the treatments, service, infrastructure, medicines and pricing was a great challenge which RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL achieved through a great turmoil.

Today, RJR Herbal Hospital has grown from just a single clinic in Chennai to over 75+ clinics across SOUTH INDIA with 300+ doctors, 1500+ staffs and over 10 million+ patients including people from U.S, U.K, U.A.E, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka etc., are treated so far. INDIAN EXPRESS & THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE - State of Tamil Nadu has recognised RJR's spirited and dedicated work towards healing people in an authentic way and validated RJR HERBAL HOSPITAL as THE BEST HOSPITAL FOR TRADITIONAL MEDICINES. We are still on track towards achieving the ultimate goal which is RJR's mission - to "BUILD THE HEALTHY SOCIETY" across all the states of India.

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