Hydrocele Treatment in Chennai

Hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the scrotum. Hydrocele are more common in male infants and adult men. It’s usually occurs on one side but sometimes a hydrocele forms over both testicles. Hydrocele are normally painless. Large hydrocele may cause discomfort because of their size.

Types of Hydrocele:

There are two types of hydrocele such as:

  • Communicating
  • Non-communicating

Communicating Hydrocele: The injury ring remains open, allowing fluid to pass back and forth between the abdomen and the membrane of the testicles.

Non-communicating: It forms in infants, other the inguinal ring closes, but fluid remains in the membrane of the testicles. The body usually absorbs the fluid within a year.

Signs and Symptoms:

Painless smelling in the scrotum

If sudden scrotal pain or smelling occurs, especially after an injury to the scrotum. These symptoms can stem from restricted blood flow in a twisted testicles.


The cause of a hydrocele depends on a person’s age.

In babies:

When a male fetus is growing during pregnancy, the testicles develop near the kidney in the abdomen. By the end of a full-term pregnancy, they move down to their usual position in the scrotum To allow the testicles to descend, a muscle lining opens in the scrotum, forming a canal. The fluid can pass from the belly to the scrotum through this canal and this cause a hydrocele. Babies all born before the testicles that descend, increasing the chances of hydrocele developing.

In Adults:

  • Injury
  • Inflammation
  • Infection

A hydrocele is not usually dangerous and will not affect fertility. It might link to an underlying testicular conditions infection, tumor, and inguinal hernia.


Most babies and infants with a hydrocele will not require any treatment, as the condition will resolve over time.

Very common in newborn males and usually disappear within a year

Generally sderotherapy is recommended for adult males with hydrocele.

Why Choose of RJR for Hydrocele?

In our Siddha philosophy, the vaatha is air, kabhu is fluid, and pitha is heat got disturbed and forms a painful swelling with heat around the scrotal region. By giving herbal medicine to eliminate the vatham, pain is reduced. By eliminating the pitha, heat and swelling is reduced. Automatically kabam will becomes normal. External applications medicines are also given to reduce the swelling immediately. Herbal diuretics are also given to reduce the swelling completely. And also treatment basis will be continues and followed to reduce the recurrence completely. Definitely surgical procedures by eliminating or draining out the fluid will increases the risk and recurrence is common. So, for permanent relief our RJR herbal hospitals are giving better solutions to this hydrocele.

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