Lipoma Treatment in Chennai

Know something about Lipoma:

A Lipoma is a soft fatty lump that is a non-cancerous (benign) growth made up of fat cells that clump together. It is very common. They appear as smooth, soft bumps, dome-shaped lumps under the skin and it ranges in firmness and some feel rather hard. They can develop anywhere on the body but are particularly common on the forearms, chest, back, forehead, trunk, and neck. They vary in size from pea-sized to several centimeters in diameter. They are more common among women as some people have only one, but other people develop many lipomas. Lipoma rarely causes problems although they may occasionally be tender or painful.

Types of Lipoma:

All Lipomas are made of fat as some Lipoma contains blood vessels or other tissues. It includes; Angiolipoma: It contains fat and blood vessels which are painful.

Conventional: It is the most common type of Lipoma in which contains white fat cells to store energy.

  • Fibrolipoma: This kind of tissue is fat and fibrous.
  • Hibernoma: Most other Lipoma contains white fat whereas this Lipoma contains brown fat and generates heat and helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Myelolipoma: This Lipoma contains fat and tissues that produce blood cells.
  • Spindle Cell: The fat cells in the Lipoma are longer than they are wide
  • Pleomorphic: This Lipoma has fat cells of various sizes and shapes.

Signs and Symptoms of Lipoma:

Many types of skin tumors may look like a Lipoma, but Lipoma has some distinct characteristics such as:

  • Soft and doughy
  • Move easily when touched or pressed
  • The skin over it is usually pale
  • Grows slowly
  • Painful
  • Round or oval
  • Uncomfortable if they press against a nerve or develop near a joint
  • Be colorless

Causes of Lipoma:

Doctors are unclear about the causes of a Lipoma. Since middle-aged men are more likely to get it than women. Lipomas don’t usually appear in children. They tend to run in families, so family plays an important role in their development. Some people might inherit the faulty gene from their parents and called familial multiple lipomatosis.

Certain conditions can increase the risk of Lipoma such as:

  • Cowden syndrome
  • Madelung’s disease
  • Garden’s syndrome
  • Adiposis dolorosa

Why Choosing RJR for Lipoma?

It is the collection of fat under the skin. Lump of fat accumulated underneath the skin causes lipoma. Internal medicines to mobilize the fat is administered. Lipoma is just a cluster of mass or fat deposits so it’s mentioned that Lipoma is accumulated fat so including bitter herbs in regular diet with help. According to some naturopaths, there are certain herbal treatments that not only prevent the development of Lipoma but also can fight existing Lipoma tumors of any size. Though, Ayurveda treatment of Lipoma is usually a combination of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. When the pain is severe and can’t be controlled by medicines that Ayurvedic surgery has opted. Bitter herbs increase the body’s ability to digest fats. Yarrow, wormwood, gentian, olives, unsweetened chocolates, and dandelions greens are some of the bitter foods. This Lipoma does not need any surgery as the herbal medicines cure your skin disorder with natural oils and medicines which give highly effective treatments. Panchakarma treatments like podikizhi is very essential in the treatment of lipoma. RJR Herbal hospital is being a best solution for Lipoma. RJR Herbal Hospital ensures its best performance in providing complete care to the patients who come for help. Our treatments and medicines are highly effective and help you to get patient from weakness, etc. Rather than other hospitals, our hospital is highly specified with the best medicines and researches to provide them the best remedies. If you are the one who has something difficult and uncomfortable feeling in their skin, then you are the right person to our hospital and to get the treatment. In order to book a treatment, call or visit us directly to have further treatment. We make sure in rectifying your disorders completely and bringing you fully healthy.

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