Pimples Treatment in Chennai


Red, tender, bumps, with white pus at their lips. Over production of oil and a build-up of bacteria contribute to pimples. Areas of the skin that have the highest number of function oil glands such as the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders are often affected.


Signs and Symptoms:

  • Acne signs vary depending on the severity of your condition white heads-closed plugged pores
  • Block heads-open plugged pores
  • Small red tender papules
  • Pimples which one papules with pus at their lips large solid painful lumps under the skin
  • Pimples which are papules with jaws at their lips
  • Large solid, painful nodules under the skin
  • Painful person filled lumps under the skin (cystic lesions)
  • Acne usually appears on the face forehead, chest, and upper back of shoulders


Pimples can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Example it include hormone changes during puberty or tight cloths that rub against the skin such as helmets and shoulder pads.

  • Excess follicles (sebum production)
  • Excessive body heat
  • Using cosmetics regularly
  • Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

Acne typically appears on face forehead, chest, and upper back and shoulder because these areas of skin have the most oil sebaceous glands.

Hair follicles are connected to oil glands

The following thing may trigger or worsen acne such as:

Hormonal Changes: Androgen are hormones that increase in boys and girls during puberty and cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum.

Certain medication- example drugs containing corticosteroids.

Diet: Consuming certain foods like carbohydrate rich foods like bread badges and chips may worsen acne.

Stress: It is a not a actual cause but if we already have acne it may worse.



  • People with darker skin types are more likely than are people with lighter skin to experience these acne complication.
  • Scars pitted skin (acne scars) and these scars can remain long term after acne has headed.
  • Skin changes-after acne has changes the affected, skin may be darker hyper or hypo than before the condition occurs.

Hygiene: How to avoid Pimples:

  • Properly wash the face and it helps to remove excessive sweat dirt and oil
  • Do not touch the face again and again
  • Wash the hair regularly and clean them away from face

Avoid such things to prevent from Pimples:

  • Refined grains and sugars
  • Dairy products
  • Fat food
  • Chocolates
  • Protein powder

Add the following diet more:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Leafy vegetables
  • More fiber food and make them body cooling, that types of food prevents constipation and prevents pimples.

Why choosing RJR for Pimples?

These are many herbal treatment for acne and pimples. But in our RJR Herbal Hospitals, we are providing treatment for pimples in a better way and not to re-own. The internal medicines will reduce the body heat and automatically pimples might be cleared. By giving the external applications the pimples and black spots is cleared completely. RJR hospital is giving a wonderful treatment for teenage having the pimples and acne. The beauty of the face is also maintained by the herbal packages. Regulating the hormone levels and the colon hydrotherapy treatment is also very effective in clearing the acne and pimples.

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