Varicose Ulcer

Varicose Ulcer Treatment in Chennai

Defining what is Varicose Ulcers?

Venous ulcers can occur when the veins do not push blood back up. Blood backs up in the veins and building up pressure. This venous ulcer is a sore on your leg that is very slow to heal, usually because of weak blood circulation in the limb. Since the increased pressure and excess fluid in the affected area can cause a open-wound to form. Most venous ulcer occurs on the leg above the ankle. This type of wounds will take long time to heal.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Moderate pain which improves on elevation of leg
  • Irregular, stopping edges
  • Swelling due to increased hydrostatic pressure
  • Loss of skin pigmentation due to death of erythrocytes and scarring
  • Hardening of the skin
  • Ankle-flare which is a small dark engorged superficial veins
  • Itching in the wound
  • Swelling in the affected leg
  • Discolored or hardened skin around the ulcer
  • The sore may also produce a foul smelling discharge


  • Varicose veins
  • Minor injury
  • Obesity
  • Weaken calf muscle and poor oxygenation in veins of leg
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Blood clots
  • Broken leg or fractured bones
  • Increasing in age
  • Lymph nodes blockages
  • Chronic diabetes with varicose veins

Why choose RJR Herbal Hospitals for varicose ulcer?

If people whom you look are suffering from the leg pain severely and searching for the hospital to have the best treatment, you chosen the right place for those kinds of people who have trust and believe in curing their wounds. The medicated oil is given to apply in the wounds. After few weeks the wounds will be cured and closed completely. The medicated oil, in the ancient days, Siddhars and Vaithiyar used those herbs to cure the stabled wounds from war. Those herbals are crushed, grained and their extract are made and processed into an oil and in given for external applications. The medicine will irritate the wound healing process. And also internal medicines are given to enrich the circulation in the veins. Herbal treatment will improve the tonicity and strengthen the weakened veins. Once book your appointment and then you may know in which the expert doctors and staffs give a complete care and support.

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